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Post Date:12/16/2016 11:42 AM
December 15, 2016

Eau Claire, WI - Severe winter weather is being predicted for Eau Claire County from Friday, December 16-Sunday, December 18. With the incoming weather, the National Weather Service-Twin Cities Office has placed Eau Claire County in a Winter Storm Warning beginning noon Friday and in effect until 6 pm Saturday evening.

This storm is predicted to include the following conditions;
 *6-10 inches of snow, likely landing in the 8 inch range
 *Severe cold temperatures, with actual temps being around -16 degrees Saturday night and -5 for the day on Sunday
 *Wind up to 15mph during the day on Saturday

As this storm comes in to our County, Eau Claire County Emergency Management heavily encourages that individuals restrict or reconsider travel plans. If you do travel somewhere, please make sure that your car has a full tank of fuel, some form of brightly colored flag or tape to help your vehicle stand out if you get stranded, cell phone and car charger, and dress in layers for warmth.

Additionally, this storm is very dangerous for those that are homeless or have poor heating sources. If you have family or friends that might be at risk during this winter event, please check in on them when possible or help find shelter for these individuals. Carbon monoxide can be a major risk in this event. Individuals may look to warm their houses and vehicles by any means possible, so we encourage you to have working carbon monoxide alarms in your house, avoid using ovens and other non-traditional heating sources, and have proper ventilation for fire places and exhaust.

When it is safe to be shoveling and clearing your property, some things to keep in mind are: Clear fire hydrants at least 3 feet in all directions, stay hydrated, check on your neighbors, and call law enforcement if you see any person or animals in need.

While we understand that large snow storms are not new to Eau Claire County, this storm is getting extra attention due to the severe cold and wind chills that are associated with it. Updates will be posted to the Eau Claire County Emergency Management Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the weekend with any developments. We encourage individuals to post pictures of the storm and tag us. However, keep in mind the social media accounts are not monitored 24/7, so if you are need of emergency services please call 911.
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