Airport Recognition Program

The Chippewa Valley Regional Airport (CVRA) would like to recognize Airport employees and Airport Partner employees (airline, restaurant, car rentals, TSA, FBO, etc.) who go the extra mile. There are many ways in which an employee may contribute above and beyond what is expected. This may include a suggestion or action that improves an established process, improves service to customer(s) served by CVRA or its partners, and/or when an employee goes above and beyond in their regular work assignment or out of their way to help with a special project.

Additionally, every employee nominated each month will be entered into a drawing to win a restaurant gift certificate. The Airport Commission will review nominees on a quarterly basis and select the top nomination to receive a $50 Chamber gift certificate.

Nominations are welcome from anyone who would like to recognize an Airport employee or Airport Partner employee (airline, restaurant, car rentals, TSA, FBO, etc.).

If you wish to nominate someone, please complete the NOMINATION FORM and submit it to CVRA.


The following individuals have been recognized by their peers or customers in 2017:

December 2017
Todd N. - CVRA; recognized for helping with cost savings by recommending a different vendor for some Airport vehicle repairs.

November 2017
Jessica L. - TSA; recognized for going above and beyond by assisting with the TSA PreCheck enrollments and for greeting customers with smiles and positivity.
Peter H. - TSA; recognized for going the extra mile by providing a friendly and positive experience for guests and employees of the Airport that brightens their day.

October 2017
Bob W. - CVRA; recognized for always having a smile for everyone and for being very friendly and ready to help. Bob also makes himself available for assistance to customers and tenants whenever possible.

September 2017
Todd N. - CVRA; recognized for going the extra mile in assisting with creative solutions to unique problems.

August 2017
Lisa P. - Hangar 54 Grill; recognized for always providing excellent customer service to both Airport and tenant customers and for going the extra mile to assist whenever needed.

July 2017
Scott K. - AVIS; recognized for providing excellent customer service to both Airport and tenant customers and for his positive attitude towards guests and employees of the Airport.
Dale N. - TSA; recognized for his distinguished service in providing an efficient, professional and courteous passenger experience and for making other staff feel like part of the team.

Quarter 2 - 2017 - Erin S. - CVRA
Erin is the coordinator of all things Airport related! She is tasked with answering many different customer questions or directing questions to the appropriate party so she has to stay educated about all operators at the Airport. Erin also coordinates communication between all of the different entities operating at the Airport, keeping everyone in the loop about any changes in operations.  Erin is often tasked with assisting frustrated customers who have been unable to find an answer to their question. She does everything she can to assist the customer even though it is often something out of her control. Erin also makes sure we maintain a high level of customer service by making sure we have supplies to keep the frequent flyer lounge and delay cart stocked.

June 2017
Patrick B. - CVRA; recognized for helping with cost savings for the airport by assisting with research for the Airport landscaping project.
Erin S. - CVRA; recognized for providing excellent customer service through communication with Airport tenants and providing informed assistance to Airport and tenant customers.
Duane G. - CVRA; recognized for going the extra mile by providing rapid response and assistance to an urgent maintenance issue for a hangar tenant.
The Airport Ambassador Volunteers; recognized for their distinguished service by providing an inviting Airport experience and for their friendly, helpful service and support.

May 2017
Duane G. - CVRA; recognized for showing attention to detail and helping to maintain an inviting Airport experience.
Derek M. - SkyWest: recognized for going the extra mile in his interaction with customers by providing a positive and professional passenger experience.

April 2017
Jayson M. - Hertz; recognized for his helpfulness, customer service and hard working skills.
Joyce G. - TSA; recognized for her professionalism and reliability.
Charity Z. - CVRA; recognized for going the extra mile for our passengers.  

Quarter 1 - 2017 - Duane G. - CVRA
Duane brings a lot of talent to the workforce here but none better than his desire to help and see fellow employees succeed. Duane has been a huge resource to me in the time I have been here. He is always willing to give advice based on his experience, saving both time and energy. Duane has a lot of experience especially in the firefighting area that he is very willing to share from his extensive training. Duane is truly a huge asset to the Airport in this area. In my professional experience for both private and state agencies, it has become easy to recognize the individuals who care and have a vested interest in where they work. Duane is truly dedicated to his duties and eager to make a difference in his day to day tasks. These are but a few reason I would like to see Duane receive the recognition he deserves.

March 2017
Erin F. - Hangar 54 Grill; recognized for her positive attitude and hard working skills.
Wil R. - CVRA; recognized for his helpfulness, customer service skills and positivity.

February 2017: 
Duane G. - CVRA; recognized for his distinguished service and going the extra mile by providing support to his fellow employees with training assistance and knowledge.
Bob W. - CVRA; recognized for customer service for assisting the Airline with their operations and support and for his friendly attitude.
Roger B. - Hawthorne Aviation; recognized for going the extra mile and for great customer service by helping pilots and customers outside of normal hours and for always having a smile and a positive attitude.

January 2017:
Joyce G. - TSA;  recognized for going the extra mile to promote the airport
Todd N. - CVRA; recognized for going the extra mile to help customers