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The Committee on Parks and Forest

The Committee on Parks & Forest shall be responsible to the county board for the departmental policy and oversight. The Committee on Parks and Forest  is comprised of 5 county board members.  This committee meets twice per month, typically on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.  

Parks & Forest Citizen Advisory Committee
Terms run for two years and expire the end of May. Advisory Committee tasks include input on long-range forest and park plans and to advise the Committee on Parks & Forest on various issues. A broad geographic representation within the County is being sought.

Parks and Forest Advisory Committee Application Form

Exposition Center Citizens Advisory Committee
The Expo Advisory Committee is comprised of seven members consisting of: Eau Claire Curling Club member, member from Friends of the Fair, member from the tourism board, and four at-large members of interested citizens. Terms run for two years and expire the end of May.

Expo Center Advisory Committee information sheet and application