Real Property Listing

Provides and maintains current ownership and related property details for all real property within the county, except for the City of Eau Claire, as it applies to the yearly assessment and tax cycles.  The information is derived from daily recordings at the Register of Deeds Office, which is then applied to other county programs and the private sector.  Assessors, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, municipal clerks, and County Treasurer determine property taxes utilizing this real estate data.

Public Land Survey System (PLSS) & Maintenance (Resurvey Project)

The PLSS was devised for the describing and marking of land.  It is the basis for the description and location of real estate land in Wisconsin.  It provides a basis for a clear and unambiguous title to land together with the physical means by which that title can be related and transferred.  Eau Claire County was originally laid out from 1846 to 1853.  Since then it has been the responsibility of the County Surveyor to preserve and perpetuate the location of the corners.  Today, Eau Claire County continues to do the vitally important task of guarding, perpetuating, and preserving these corner locations, which are so essential in accurately laying out the boundaries of individual properties.