Airport Zoning


Eau Claire County is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Chapter 18.60 Airport Zoning.   The jurisdiction of this chapter shall extend over all lands and waters within 3 statute miles of the boundaries of the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport.  This chapter, designed to protect the approaches, airspace, physical, and hazard areas of the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport, is adopted pursuant to Wis. Stats. 59.03, 59.04, 59.69, 59.694, 114.14 and 114.136. 


It is the purpose of this chapter to regulate the use of property and to regulate and restrict the height of structures and objects of natural growth in the vicinity of the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport, to promote the public health, safety, convenience and general welfare, to increase safety in the use of the airport, to implement the recommendations of the airport master plan and to protect persons and property within the airport affected area and zoning districts.

The Chippewa Valley has a vested interest in protecting the airspace around the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport.  The airport is the air transportation hub of west central Wisconsin.  $465 million dollars have been invested in the airport since the 1940's.  The airport serves the regional community for the purposes of attracting businesses and industry to the region.  The airport contributes million of dollars annually to the economy of Eau Claire, Chippewa and Dunn Counties and the surrounding region.

The Land Use Controls Division administers and enforces the Airport Zoning Ordinance.  Eau Claire County has an agreement with Chippewa County to administer the program for those projects in Chippewa County outside the City of Eau Claire.

If you have questions about the Airport Zoning Ordinance and live in Eau Claire County or in the City of Eau Claire contact Rod Eslinger, Land Use Controls Supervisor for Eau Claire County at 715-839-4743.  If you live in Chippewa County, outside the City of Eau Claire, contact Douglas Clary, Zoning Administrator for Chippewa County at 715-726-7940.

Airport Zoning Map
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