Land Use Permits

Where is this permit required?

1.  The land use permit is required in all zoned townships.
2.  It is also required in all unzoned townships within the shoreland/wetland and floodplain jurisdictions.

Permitting Authority

When is this permit required?

  1. The permit is required when building a new structure, adding to, modifying or structurally altering any existing building or structure.
  2. The permit is required when adding accessory structures including, but not limited to, pools, decks, towers, satellite dishes, sheds and garages.

Prerequisites for obtaining a land use permit:

  1. The zoning district must allow the proposed use.
  2. A sanitary permit is needed for new dwellings, some additions to dwellings and for any other structure that will have plumbing.
  3. An access (driveway) permit is necessary for moving or placing new driveways on public roads and for changing the type of use on most driveways, such as converting a field access to a residential driveway.
  4. A description of the uses proposed must be supplied to staff to prevent unforeseen problems from becoming serious.
  5. A Scaled Site Plan must be submitted which has been drawn to scale or with accurate dimensions that show the following.
  • The building dimensions.
  • The distance to lot the lines, road centerline and right-of-way line.
  • The location of the well and the sanitary system.
  • The location of other existing improvements such as buildings.
  • The distance to any bodies of water or wetlands.
  • The distance from the driveway centerline to the property line.

Land Use Permit Application 
Setback Requirements by Zoning District