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Permitted uses are established for each zoning district.  The owner may seek to change the zone designated on the official zoning map to allow a use that is currently not permitted on their property.  The zoning map amendment or rezoning is an amendment of the zoning code.  The requested zone change may not be granted if it does not fit with the comprehensive plan and community goals for the area.  The steps below are followed.  The hearing fees paid are not refundable and the request may well be denied.

  1. A rezoning application is filed with the Planning & Development Department.  This includes the legal description of the property to be rezoned and a statement of the purpose for the rezoning.
  2. The town board is notified of the application and they can recommend approval or veto a rezoning request by filing a resolution with the County Clerk.
  3. A public hearing notice is published in the official paper and property owners within 660' of the proposed zone change are notified directly by mail.  The staff makes a report to the Committee and comments from the public are solicited.
  4. Following the hearing, the Planning & Development Committee makes a recommendation to the County Board of Supervisors to either grant or deny the request for zoning map amendment.
  5. If the County Board approves the zoning map amendment and the town board filed an objection to the request, the town board then has 45 days to veto the request.
  6. The final step is publication of the amendment in the paper after approval by the County Board.  Only then does the zone change take effect.  This process could take two months or more to complete depending upon the scheduling of hearing dates.

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