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Alkaline - Dry Cell Batteries

Motivated by state and federal law, technological improvements have reduced the toxic components such as mercury in many standard battery types such as alkaline. Common household alkaline batteries (AA, C, and D for example) can be disposed of in the trash.

Button and Lithium Batteries

Button batteries are commonly used in hearing aids and watches may be returned to jewelry stores or hearing aid businesses. Both lithium and button batteries can be recycled at a Clean Sweep Event.

Rechargeable Batteries

These can be recycled at the following locations:

First Choice Recycling
525 Park Ridge Court
Eau Claire, WI  54703
(715) 833-2005

Batteries Plus
3115 East Hamilton Drive
Eau Claire, WI  54703
(715) 318-3246

Best Buy 
4090 Commonwealth Avenue
Eau Claire, WI  54701
(715) 833-0666

Planning and Development County Courthouse
721 Oxford Ave, Suite 3344
Eau Claire, WI  54703

Rassbach Communications
405 N Hastings Plaza
Eau Claire, WI  54703
(715) 832-6763

4720 Golf Road
Eau Claire, WI  54701
(715) 830-2900

Verizon Wireless
3755 Oakwood Mall Drive
Eau Claire, WI  54701
(715) 835-7370

Lead Acid or Automotive Batteries

Most retailers in Wisconsin who sell automotive batteries are required to accept a used one at no charge at the time of a new battery purchase. They may give credit towards the purchase of a new battery if buying a replacement at the same time. If not purchasing a battery, retailers may charge a recycling fee for an old battery. Scrap yards, depending on the market price for lead, take automotive batteries and may give a small payment for the value of the metal.

Visit the Automotive or Scrap Metal page for recycling options.

Automotive, or lead acid, batteries account for over 70% of the 945,000 tons of lead produced each year by secondary lead smelters.  This is the result of the consumption of nearly 80 million lead acid batteries every year for car and light truck use.  The average battery contains 18 pounds of the metal.