Paint & Paint Cans

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Paint Cans

Metal paint cans that have a slight residue of paint left over can be recycled through a scrap metal dealer.  Plastic paint cans must be landfilled.latex paint -good

Latex Paint


If you have paint that you no longer need but which is still in good condition, here are some suggestions on finding others who can use it:

  1. Ask friends, family members and neighbors if they can use it;
  2. Put notices on bulletin boards;
  3. During warm weather months, put it at the end of your driveway with a "Free Paint" sign;
  4. Call the places on the following table; they take paint on an "as needed" basis: (Note - This list was updated in January 2018)



Eau Claire Children's Theater

(715) 839-8877

Altoona High School Theater

Hope Gospel Mission

(715) 552-5566

Habitat for Humanity

(715) 895-8177

Dry and Landfill

Drying paint prevents liquid from leaching down into the water tables. The following are suggestions for drying paint.  Whenever drying paint, make sure it is in a well-ventilated, sheltered location away from children and pets. 

  • If time is on your side and the paint can is less than ¼ full, you can crack the lid open in a well-ventilated, sheltered location away from children and pets and wait for the paint to harden.
  • Use up smaller amounts of paint by coating an old piece of cardboard until it’s gone. Once the paint is dry, cardboard can be disposed of in the garbage, and the container disposed of properly.
  • The next preferred method can be used if the can is less than ½ full. Open the can and pour kitty litter or oil dry into the can. Stir the mixture and let dry.
  • The last method is to take a cardboard box lined with a plastic bag and place kitty litter or crumpled paper in it. Pour a limited amount of the unwanted paint into the box and allow to dry and harden. Repeat this procedure until all of the paint is gone.

As a last resort, both latex and oil paint are accepted through the Clean Sweep program but there is a charge of $1.00 - $4.00 per can for latex paint depending on the size of the can.

Oil or Lead Based Paint

Bring these items to a Clean Sweep event for proper disposal.  There is no fee for oil or lead based paints.