Yard Waste Directory

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Annual Curbside Yard Waste Collection Program

This program is offered through your garbage and recycling hauler during your normal pick-up day.  Please call your hauler directly with questions.

Spring: May 7-11, 2018                   Fall: November 5-9, 2018

All yard waste materials (leaves, grass, etc.) must be in paper bags or compostable bags.

Yard Waste Directory 

The recycling program has put together a yard waste directory consisting of businesses and homeowners who accept leaves, grass, pine needles and other materials.  A paper copy of the directory, printed in spring, is available at the Planning Department in the County Courthouse.  To use this list, find the business or homeowner who accepts the type of yard waste you wish to dispose of, give them a call, and make arrangements for either drop-off or pick-up of the material.

Please keep in mind that the homeowners on this list are providing valuable service by voluntarily accepting these materials.  In order to insure that this program remains successful, please be considerate of the homeowners and honor any directions or restrictions which they may give you.  Updated December 2017.

Legend for Grid

Location:  CB = Commercial Business, N = North Eau Claire, W = West Eau Claire, E = East Eau Claire, S = South Eau Claire, O = Outside Eau Claire or Unknown
Materials:  G = Grass, L = Leaves, PN = Pine Needles, B = Brush, O = Other

*All are drop-off services, unless otherwise noted.

Name Location Phone Materials Fee Notes
CB (715) 830-0284 G,L,PN Y Customers only
 Boxx Sanitation CB  (715) 514-2995  G,L,PN,B,O Y

Operates Jeffers Road Green Waste Site.   April 15 -
November 15 M,W,Sat. 10 am - 5 pm. Guidelines.

CB  (715) 952-5608  G,L,PN,B,O Y Will pick up
Gregg CB (715) 834-5749 G,L,PN,B,O Y Will pick up
Helen N (715) 834-0118 PN N

Chemical free, bagged needles from evergreen trees
or shrubs in plastic bags; no branches

Ken N (715) 874-6414 fallen trees & logs N No brush, would also take pallets
Peggy W (715) 833-1616 G,L N Chemical free, fresh clippings only, no oak leaves
Anna E (715) 834-3959 G,L N Chemical free, fresh clippings only; bagged shredded leaves, no oak leaves
Lisa S (715) 864-6126 G,L N  Chemical free; clean fill, twigs and branches (separated),
logs, wood chips, rock, and brick
Colleen O (715) 962-3967 G,L,PN N Chemical free
Dave O (715) 834-6876 G,L N Chemical free, no branches or twigs