Innovation Fund Recipients

Approved by the Committee on Administration - July 2017
Aging & Disability Resource Center -  Amount Requested $24,000

The Meals on Wheels and Congregate Dining will be moving from a catering model to a central kitchen. The kitchen will be located in Fall Creek and staffed by county employees. The funds would be used to purchase two (2) double convection/combi ovens, a meat slicer and larger mixer.   View Application
 Highway Department - Amount Requested $6,840

The Highway Dept. would like to install a software management program called OneGov Permit. The software would streamline the highway dept. driveway and utility permit process, eventually being paperless.   View Application
 Land Conservation Division - Amount Requested $1,100

The Land Conservation Division requested funding to be used to purchase all the necessary equipment to completely install a system (pasture pump, solar powered fencer, electric fence posts, wires and insulators) to eliminate livestock access to a stream, pond, or lake. The land owner would be able to try out materials for approx.. 10 days before deciding to purchase a system.  View Application