Mountain Bike Trails

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Three mountain bike trails currently exist. The trails at Lowes Creek Park include approximately 5 miles of the double-track cross country ski system utilizes the hiking, ski, and fitness trails and over 6 miles of technical/ challenging narrow single track.  Access to these trails is from the parking lot off South Lowes Creek Road. A second bike trail is a 7 mile loop that starts at the Coon Fork campground, goes east on Rustic Road, south on Black Creek Town Road, and west on CTH M, then right on N. Center Road, then onto a forest trail to the dayside entrance road, then onto CTH CF and back to the campground entrance. There is also a trail from Coon Fork campground going west and then north of CTH CF onto county forest land.

In general, mountain biking is allowed on county forest land, but only on trails that are not gated, posted as closed, or bermed to restrict vehicle travel.

At Lowes Creek you will find a variety of trails for every level of rider, from beginner to advanced. The trails include approximately 5 miles of the double-track cross country ski system and over 6 miles of technical/challenging narrow single track. The single track trails take the rider to all four corners of the park by winding through pine tree forests, crossing creek beds, and cruising along ridge lines. All of the trails at Lowes Creek are multi-use so they appeal to runners, walkers, and mountain bikers. Single track trails are open in the winter for mountain bikes and snowshoers. However, bikers and snowshoers must stay off groomed ski trails, except that they are allowed to cross at junctions with single track trails. Helmets are recommended and a parking pass is required.

Lowes Creek Mountain Bike Trails

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