Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Post Date:03/06/2018 8:50 AM

Seasonal Weight Restrictions
March 6, 2018

Per Wisconsin State Statute 349.16, the Eau Claire County Highway Department will impose seasonal weight limits on several Eau Claire County Trunk Highways (CTHs) effective on or after March 12th, 2018 upon posting of required signs.

These weight restrictions are in effect for posted County Trunk Highways only. Weight restrictions on State, township, city, or village roads may be imposed by the respective governmental units.

Posted County Trunk Highways are as follows:

Weight Restrictions2018

The Department may, in writing, exempt from posted road restrictions vehicles carrying certain commodities or which are used to perform certain services as specified by the Department if such exemptions are reasonable and necessary to promote the public health, safety, or welfare (such as for school buses, heating fuel or milk haulers), although care should be exercised while hauling over posted roads, limiting weights where possible. Vehicles used to transport materials pumped from a septic or holding tank may be declared exempt from posted road restrictions by the Department if, because of health concerns, materials need to be removed from a septic or holding tank within 24 hours after the vehicle operator is notified. Within 72 hours after operating such a vehicle, the operator of the vehicle shall notify the Department that the vehicle traveled over a posted road.

Other highways may be added to the above list if conditions warrant.
If you should have any questions, please contact the Highway Department at (715) 839-2952