November 6, 2018 Ballot Referendum Information

Post Date:09/20/2018 9:40 AM

If you live in Eau Claire County, you will see two (2) referendum questions on the November 6, 2018 ballot as you vote.

 Eau Claire County Referendum Question 1  Eau Claire County Referendum Question 2
Should the Wisconsin legislature create a nonpartisan
procedure for the preparation of  legislative and congressional redistricting plans?
Should cannabis:
(a) Be legal for adult, 21 years of age and older,
recreational or medical use, taxed and regulated like alcohol, with the
proceeds from the taxes used for education, healthcare, and infrastructure in Wisconsin?
(b) Be legal for medical purposes only and available only by prescription through a medical dispensary?
(c) Remain a criminally illegal drug as provided under current law?


Full Resolution 18-19/036 Full Resolution 18-19/051

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