Land Judging Competition Winner Announced

Post Date:05/16/2017 11:28 AM


On May 3, 2017 students from Chippewa and Eau Claire County High Schools competed in a Land Judging Competition. This year's competition was held in Eau Claire County at Bears Grass Farm in the Town of Lincoln. In this competition, students analyze different soils and their profiles, and determine needed Conservation Practices (i.e. grassed waterways, conservation tillage, strip-cropping, etc.) and land capabilities. Four (4) high school students from Cornell participated in this year's competition.

Cornell High School captured the Land Judging Trophy this year. The top three students from Cornell were Robert Fasbender, Steven Koehler and Isabella Clark.

The Land Judging Competition is co-sponsored by the Eau Claire and Chippewa County Land Conservation Offices. This year, assistance was provided by the following: from Eau Claire County, Tim Miland (USDA-NRCS Soil Scientist), and Greg Leonard (Land Conservation Manager); Liz Fagen (Land Conservation Environmental Engineer); Mark Hagedorn (UW-Extension Ag Agent); Jerry Clark (UW Extension Chippewa Falls). In addition Jay Kaeding of J&J Skid Steer LLC located in Augusta, WI provided the manpower and equipment to dig the soil pits.

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