Information & Assistance

Aging & Disability Resource Center staff provide customers with information and assistance regarding a wide variety of topics. Topics include, but are not limited to, housing, home care, how to apply for various benefits such as Social Security disability, information regarding benefits such as Medicare, transportation assistance, vocational/job resources, resources and support for caregivers… and the list goes on and on.

Sometimes, a phone call looking for information can lead to a much larger discussion. Especially for those with chronic health conditions and conditions that may get worse with time, meeting with an Options Counselor to hear about long-term care services may be in order.

Long Term Care Options Counseling

Options Counseling is an interactive decision-support process where consumers are assisted with evaluating and weighing their long-term care service options. Long-term care services may include: housing options, home care/personal care options, should someone be thinking of possibly moving, vocational options, etc…

Anyone in need of assistance with long-term care decisions is able to work with an Options Counselor.

The goal of meeting with an Options Counselor is to help make sure that your long-term care needs are being met and that you are aware of the resources available to you in our area. Options Counselors assist individuals with the ability to pay for their needed services and they also help those who don’t have the ability to pay for their needed services apply for publicly funded programs that may be able to help. Such programs include, but aren’t limited to, ContinuUs' Family Care and IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct).

  • Adaptive Equipment Loan Program: The ADRC Adaptive Equipment Loan Closet allows consumers to borrow assistive technology and adaptive equipment for up to three months.  A small refundable deposit is required, but can be negotiated in cases of hardship.  Items in the loan closet include walkers, canes, visual aids, bath benches and bed rails.  When space allows we also accept donations for the loan closet if items are in very good condition.  Please call for details.