The Chippewa Valley Regional Airport (CVRA) would like to recognize Airport employees and Airport Partner employees (airline, restaurant, car rentals, TSA, FBO, etc.) who go the extra mile. There are many ways in which an employee may contribute above and beyond what is expected. This may include a suggestion or action that improves an established process, improves service to customer(s) served by CVRA or its partners, and/or when an employee goes above and beyond in their regular work assignment or out of their way to help with a special project.

Additionally, every employee nominated each month will be entered into a drawing to win a restaurant gift certificate. The Airport Commission will review nominees on a quarterly basis and select the top nomination to receive a $50 Chamber gift certificate.

Nominations are welcome from anyone who would like to recognize an Airport employee or Airport Partner employee (airline, restaurant, car rentals, TSA, FBO, etc.).

If you wish to nominate someone, please complete the NOMINATION FORM and submit it to CVRA.


The following individuals have been recognized by their peers or customers in 2018:

November 2018
Sarah H. - Hawthorne Aviation;
recognized for exceptional customer service during the Vice-President visit. Sarah was tasked with coordinating many of the details of the VP visit and the Air Force One crew and Secret Service both noted that she provided them with excellent service.

Sam L. - Hawthorne Aviation; 
recognized for going the extra mile during the Vice-President’s visit. Sam worked an extremely long day on the day of the VP visit to ensure all aircraft arrived and departed as planned and all equipment was loaded and departed to the next location.

Erin S. - CVRA; recognized for going the extra mile for a frazzled customer in the terminal by putting some money in the massage chair so the customer could relax for a few minutes.

October 2018
Missy I. - SkyWest;
recognized for going above and beyond by coming in on her time off to assist the crew and passengers after multiple aircraft were diverted to Eau Claire. She was very helpful and made sure everyone was taken care of.

September 2018
Bob W. - CVRA; recognized for providing excellent customer service to airport visitors by assisting with luggage, taxis, parking, and any other needed information.

Youa Y. - SkyWest; recognized for going above and beyond by “Seeing Something and Saying Something” when she spotted something out of the ordinary near the airport and reported it to airport maintenance to investigate.

August 2018
Erin S. - CVRA; recognized as a result of a passenger recommendation on the airport Facebook page. The passenger indicated that Erin had gone above and beyond in assisting the passenger who thought she had lost her identification at the airport. The passenger’s identification was never found but she was so pleased with the service she received, she still provided a positive recommendation.

July 2018
Jayson M. - Hertz;
recognized for going the extra mile to provide excellent customer service to his customers in a timely, pleasant and professional manner.

June 2018
Bob W. & Wil R. - CVRA;
recognized for going above and beyond to step in to cover for an emergency staff shortage during an already overloaded time leading up to the Airshow.
Derek M. - SkyWest; recognized for his distinguished service in regularly assisting with tours and speaking opportunities to educate the community on services provided by the tower.
Todd N. - CVRA; recognized for going the extra mile with helping to resolve issues resulting from a lightning strike that took out runway lighting just prior to the Airshow weekend.

May 2018
Jim G. - EAA;
recognized for his dedicated service in helping with tours and career fairs and with the flight simulator that helps to provide a hands-on experience to youth excited about aviation.
Jessica P. - Hawthorne Aviation; recognized for her distinguished service in providing a helpful, positive experience for pilots and FBO visitors.
Hangar 54 Staff; recognized for their customer service in providing delicious food and a great customer experience.

April 2018
Patrick B. - CVRA;
recognized for his dedicated service by coming in on a requested day off to assist with snow removal after a severe snow storm in April.
Derek M. - SkyWest;
recognized for going the extra mile by coming in early to assist customers with rebooking their travel arrangements after severe weather caused delays and cancellations throughout the country.

March 2018
Dana B. - TSA; recognized for going the extra mile by volunteering to participate in an educational TSA demonstration for the media that was very informative and professional.
Joyce G. - TSA; recognized for her excellent customer service providing a professional and courteous passenger experience and for being very pleasant with passengers and staff.
SkyWest and TSA Teams; recognized for going above and beyond to ensure two passengers were able to make their flight. The passengers were so pleased with the customer service they received from the SkyWest and TSA teams that they took the time to write a letter thanking them for their efforts.

February 2018
Will R. - CVRA; recognized for going above and beyond with helping keep the Airport grounds and facilities well maintained and for working to get tasks done thoroughly and efficiently.


January 2018
Todd N. & Duane G. - CVRA;
 recognized for their assistance with the snow removal in a timely and efficient manner that helps to keep the airport and car rental operations running more smoothly.