CVRA Staff Recognition Program 

The Chippewa Valley Regional Airport (CVRA) would like to recognize Airport employees and Airport Partner employees (airline, restaurant, car rentals, TSA, FBO, etc.) who go the extra mile. There are many ways in which an employee may contribute above and beyond what is expected. This may include a suggestion or action that improves an established process, improves service to customer(s) served by CVRA or its partners, and/or when an employee goes above and beyond in their regular work assignment or out of their way to help with a special project.

Additionally, every employee nominated each month will be entered into a drawing to win a restaurant gift certificate. The Airport Commission will review nominees on a quarterly basis and select the top nomination to receive a $50 Chamber gift certificate.

Nominations are welcome from anyone who would like to recognize an Airport employee or Airport Partner employee (airline, restaurant, car rentals, TSA, FBO, etc.).

If you wish to nominate someone, please complete the NOMINATION FORM and submit it to CVRA.


The following individuals have been recognized by their peers or customers in 2019:

December 2019 

Todd N. - CVRA: I would like to nominate Todd for the Employee Recognition program for December for going the extra mile to cover staffing challenges and many additional duties over the last several months. Todd has been wearing many hats and has been pulled in multiple directions much more frequently than usual to help with issues. He has provided assistance wherever possible and has been a team player throughout it all. Thank you for all of your help, Todd!”

Wil R. - CVRA: Wil went above and beyond to help load a 300 lb. wheelchair onto the aircraft. With Will's help, the flight went out on time.”

Lisa P. - Hangar 54 Grill: PER CUSTOMER NOMINATION: “We would like to nominate Lisa with the Hangar 54 Grill for the recognition program. She is an amazing server/bartender, she's always pleasant and very helpful, she keeps passengers informed and is great to chat with every time we visit. Besides the great service at the Airport in general, Lisa is a huge part of why we love coming back here. Thanks for being so great, Lisa!”

November 2019

Todd N. - CVRA:  "On Sunday 11/3/19 at around 10:30am, I stepped out of my office and closed the door behind me, immediately realizing I took my coat off and left my office access card and phones in the office with it. I walked towards the office looking for any other person available that could assist me. No one was here. A customer came in and allowed me to use his cell phone to reach the CVRA answering service, who then reached out to Todd to come let me into my office where my rental car keys were so I could help my customers who were waiting. Todd came in immediately with no complaint and a smile on his face! I am so grateful for the dedication, understanding and patience Todd had in this instance. I was terribly embarrassed to be in such a position but Todd reassured me that it was okay and not to be embarrassed. Thank you, Todd, for always being so helpful and kind!"

Chris D. - TSA: “As Chris was walking through the terminal, she noticed a door that is usually secured closed had been propped open. She checked in with the Airport staff to make sure we were aware of it. While it was only opened temporarily to address a maintenance issue, Chris was diligent in making sure the safety and security of the Airport were intact. Thank you for helping to maintain the “See Something, Say Something” campaign, Chris!”

October 2019

Will R. - CVRA: “On 10/29/19 at 4:35am Will was doing his morning functional check on the parking lot automatic entrance arms. Will noticed a person with an infant in a car seat, a stroller, a pack 'n play and a large suitcase. Will parked the truck and asked if the young lady needed assistance to the terminal. On their way to the terminal, the young lady said they were on their way to Seattle to see her husband whom is going to be deployed soon. She was very appreciative of the help and the airport being so close and handy as she lived in Stanley, WI. Mrs. G wanted to express her thanks to everyone at the airport for being so thoughtful and friendly.”

Todd N. - CVRA: “On the evening of Saturday, October 5th, a car rental customer returned a vehicle to the airport at around 11pm. The customer entered the terminal to return the keys but realized that he needed to record the mileage of the vehicle after it was returned. He proceeded out to record the mileage and when the customer returned to the terminal, the doors were locked. The customer called the local car rental phone number and got their answering service. He then called the main number for the car rental company and they said they couldn't do anything to help. The customer then called the airport main number and got the answering service. He explained the situation and the answering service called Todd and gave him the customer's phone number. Todd called him and then told him he would come in to resolve the problem and return the keys. He came in and received the keys from the customer and returned them in the drop box inside. Thanks, Todd for coming in so late on your day off to assist our customer.”

September 2019

Will R. - CVRA: “We would like to recognize airport employee, Will Ramey, for his actions above and beyond his duties.  Will was asked, and without hesitation, agreed to stay late after his normal shift for several weeks to paint the entire runway markings. This was time sensitive as a crucial FAA Inspection was to be conducted in September. While this was going on, the runway was closed several mornings for painting. But on 9/3/19, Will received a call from a company in Tennessee at 5:30am saying they failed to read N.O.T.A.M.S. (notice to airmen) showing the runway closure. They went on to explain they had a meeting with Menards Corporate that morning and were just flying out of Tennessee on a charter. Will checked with his superior and made arrangements to accommodate the aircraft inbound for CVRA. The conduct and “can do” attitude of Will as well as his customer service is a positive reflection on himself as well as the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport and is to be commended.”

August 2019

Logan L. – SkyWest: “This past week we had a passenger who arrived at the screening checkpoint late.  Logan was the airline supervisor on duty and when TSA asked her if he would be able to board the plane she said yes there was still time for him to go through security bar any unforeseeable circumstances.  Unfortunately the passenger required extra screening which was taking longer than anticipated.  Logan physically went out to speak with the crew to let them know of the situation.  With Logan's open communication, and the teamwork between SkyWest and TSA, the passenger was able to make the flight without any delays.”

Will R. – CVRA:  “During the course of his normal duties, Wil spotted an individual on the ramp near the airline terminal that he didn't recognize and didn't appear to belong there. Wil followed the "See Something Say Something" principles and stopped to question the individual to make sure he was authorized to be in that location, ensuring the safety and security of the airport.”

Erin S. – CVRA:  “As Erin was leaving work for the night, she noticed a vehicle that had been parked at the curb for a lengthy period of time. Instead of just disregarding the situation because she was off work for the day, Erin checked back with the airport office to make arrangements to find the vehicle owner and get it moved. To "See Something, Say Something" is extremely important for the safety and security of the airport and its customers and Erin did just that!”

July 2019

Mike A. - Hawthorne Aviation: “An airline reached out to the FBO to handle some last minute charter operations that had not previously occurred at the Airport. Mike embraced the new opportunity, including additional training requirements, and did a great job ensuring the charters went very smoothly!”

June 2019

Bob W. - CVRA: “The See Something Say Something campaign is an important part of maintaining the safety and security of the airport and our customers. It's important for everyone working at the Airport to take on the responsibility of reporting any unusual or suspicious behavior. Bob recently reported a vehicle that was parked at the terminal curb for an extended period of time and we were able to investigate and ensure the vehicle was promptly moved.”

Youa V. - SkyWest: “Youa provided excellent customer service and really went above and beyond to assist a passenger with a difficult lost baggage situation. Not only did Youa make sure the bags were sent back to the passenger, she called the passenger back to make sure the bags were received.”

May 2019 

Youa V. - SkyWest: “We received late notice that a recent charter flight was going to be significantly delayed until the following morning. Outside of normal ticket counter hours, Youa coordinated between the charter dispatch, SkyWest and the airport to ensure everyone had the appropriate staff available and the charter was able to safely arrive and depart. Youa really went above and beyond to make sure everything was covered!”

April 2019 

Patrick B. - CVRA: "Patrick went the extra mile to support another member of the airport maintenance team by agreeing to work a split shift on a holiday so that another member of the team could have the day off.”

March 2019

Bob W. – CVRA: “The American flag at the Tower was pretty new and in good condition with the exception that it had a large tear so it had to be taken down to prevent further damage. Without being asked, Bob took the flag to get repaired on his own time and was able to get it fixed at no cost to the Airport. Thanks Bob!”

Dan A. – Hawthorne Aviation: “The shop has been really busy and Dan has been working hard to get customer airplanes out on time and also keep our charter fleet flying during one of our busiest months of charter.”

Lisa P. – Hangar 54 Grill:  “Lisa always has a smile on her face, and her enthusiasm exhibits great customer service to all that enter Hangar 54.  Lisa's positive attitude brings a shining light to EAU.  Thanks for your service!”

February 2019

Bob W., & Patrick B., - CVRA: Per emailed customer recognition: “I flew in on the flight from Chicago last Tuesday night the 12th. I went out to my car that was covered in snow and plowed in.  I had a shovel and a broom, as I knew that we might get a lot of snow while I was gone. As soon as I started to shovel, your plow showed up and started to get me 'unstuck'.  Then a few minutes later, another man showed up with a shovel to help get me out.  He was so kind and very helpful and positive, after what must have been days and days of cold snow shoveling and plowing. What a great service and support.  I was impressed and appreciative.”

CVRA Maintenance Team: The EAU Maintenance Crew has done an outstanding job keeping the runways clear for air traffic this snowy and blustery February.  A special kudos to them for their work during the EAU blizzard as a plane was able to land and take off....amazing!!  They also were there to help when we were unable to exit due to a stuck van.  Great job guys!!

Youa V. & Rockie X. - SkyWest: On a cold and blustery day after work, and snow drifts everywhere, Youa and Rocky helped push a stuck car out of the parking lot. They went "the extra mile" to ensure the motorist was safely on their way before venturing out themselves..

CVRA Maintenance Team: The amount of snow we received in the month of February has been very taxing on our small maintenance team. Our extremely dedicated staff has worked too many extra hours to count, ensuring the safe movement of aircraft and people at the airport. We have received numerous comments from passengers thanking our team for their assistance in getting their car out of the parking lot, their aircraft out of their hangar or ensuring the runway was clear for their flight to arrive or depart.

January 2019

Chang Y., Chris R., Marie S., Peter H., Stacy P., Jessica L., Dana B., & Chris D., - TSA: These TSA Officers worked over a month with the uncertainty of when they would be paid.  Their dedication, patience and professionalism ensured the mission at hand was met.  The officers daily showed the traveling public TSA's core values of Integrity,  Respect and Commitment. Job well done Team EAU!

Patrick B. - CVRA: While the parking system was down this week, Patrick was outside in the parking lot in the extreme cold assisting customers to ensure they were able to quickly exit the parking lot.

Wil R. - CVRA: Wil requested PTO several weeks in advance for January 28, 2019. The airport received several inches of snow on the 27th and 28th and Wil agreed to come in to help out on his requested day off to assist with snow removal. Wil's efforts helped to ensure the airport could remain operational during the storm and shortened our recovery time after the snow event was complete.