Parking Fees

Short term and long term parking are separated by signage in the airport parking facility. For parking of more than four hours, park in the long term section of the lot. No prior arrangements are necessary unless you are parking a motorhome, trailer, or other large vehicle.

Short-term and Restaurant Parking (up to four hours) FREE

Long-term Parking

$5/calendar day. This is charged per calendar day not per 24 hour period so any vehicle parked in the lot for more than 4 hours each calendar day will be charged $5 per day.

Payment Options

You can take a ticket at the Entrance to the parking lot and pay inside the terminal using a credit card or cash and insert the ticket at the Exit to exit the parking lot.  If you pay inside the terminal, you must remove your ticket from the machine and bring it with to Exit the parking lot.

- OR -

You can insert a credit card at the parking lot Entrance and insert the same credit card to Exit the parking lot. You must use the same credit card you used at the entrance to exit the lot.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted!

Entrance Parking Kiosk

PARCS Machine Entrance - Small

Exit Parking Kiosk

PARCS Machine Exit - Small

Parking Payment Machine Inside Terminal

Parking Machines