Primrose, a beautiful two year old American Staffordshire Terrier was our first Underdog. While she was with us, Primrose worked on her social skills with humans and other dogs. When it was time for Primrose to return to the Humane Association she had learned a few new tricks, walked better on a leash, jumped up on people less, and listened to commands better.




Shadow, a one year old purebred Husky, came to us as the result of an animal cruelty case. He did not know any commands, jumped up on people, was not potty trained and was very rude; persistently trying to play bite and solicit negative attention. He was very underweight and unhealthy. Underdog handlers worked with Shadow on his pulling of the leash, jumping, gaining weight, crate training, and his commands. Shadow left the Underdog program a healthy weight, potty trained, knowing multiple commands, and no longer jumped up on people. He was adopted by a family from Virginia who heard his story and flew to Wisconsin to provide him with a forever home.




As a senior American Staffordshire Terrier Mix, Diamond was placed in the Underdog Program because she was very stressed living at the shelter and needed a break from the chaotic environment.  Having lived in a home for twelve years prior to being surrendered to the shelter she was relatively well behaved but still needed some work on walking on a leash. Diamond worked really hard on learning commands and not pulling when she was walked on a leash and showed improvement in both areas before being adopted.




Tiny was an 8 year old female, German Shepard mix that had some health issues when she arrived. She really needed to work on walking on a leash, learning commands and gaining weight. Tiny was able to gain some weight back and learned some basic commands. After gaining weight she was returned to the shelter to be adopted.




Blue was a six year old male German Shepard/Rottweiler Mix that was surrendered to the shelter. He was in need of socialization, attention and commands. Blue was a quick learner and particularly loved to hang out in the classroom during the school day. Blue spent about a month in the Underdog program before being adopted into a loving home.  




Cassie was a 5 year old Plot Hound mix who came to us needing a break from the stressful environment of shelter life. She was having trouble being adopted due to her behaviors changing from being stressed while living in the shelter. The goal with Cassie was to provide her with an alternative environment to live in to help reduce her stress in order to help her “show better” to potential adopters. After only a couple of weeks Cassy had settled down enough to meet a family who saw her picture on the ECCHA website. Because she had spent time in the Underdog Program with patient, loving handlers, Cassie was able to show her true colors to her potential adopters and was able to find a forever home. 




Jangles was a 2 year old Plot Hound mix that was very high energy. She needed to work on having a soft mouth, not nipping at people, and occupying her down time in nondestructive ways. Underdog handlers had their work cut out for them with Jangles but they did a fantastic job-- Jangles significantly decreased her nippy tendencies, learned numerous commands, and was exercised regularly to address her high energy needs. As a result, Jangles was able to return to the shelter to be adopted.




Harper was a 9 month old Hound mix. Harper did not know any commands upon her arrival to the program and was not potty trained. During her time in the Underdog program her handlers were able to teach her a few new tricks and made some progress on her potty training before she returned to the shelter where she is currently up for adoption.




Bambi was a 1 ½ year old American Staffordshire Terrier. Potential adopters seemed hesitant to adopt Bambi due to her history of escaping from enclosures and chasing farm animals. Ironically, Bambi was a very low energy dog who needed significant motivation to get moving. She knew only a few commands upon her enrollment in the Underdog Program. Underdog handlers worked with Bambi to exercise and regularly utilized our in house agility course with her. Bambi worked on learning agility tricks and maintained a healthy weight by being prompted to move regularly. During a routine vet check Bambi met a woman who heard her story and fell in love with her instantly—she was adopted just a few days later.




Finn was a two year old American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. He came to the shelter due to not liking cats, aggression towards other dogs, and chasing horses. Finn quickly proved to be a very social and loving dog with people and quickly became a resident and staff favorite. Finn is a very fast learner and within weeks knew his way around the agility course, knew many new commands, and was walking on a leash without pulling. He was adopted.




Ivy is an eight year old American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. She came to the shelter due to not getting along with the family’s cats. Ivy’s age and prey drive complicated placing her in a home. She quickly became another favorite of staff. Ivy was adopted.




Gordon was a 10 month old Great Dane mix who was a stray from Milwaukee. He was bounced around many different shelters before he came to us. He worked on social skills, house breaking and puppy behaviors.