Criminal Resources

Search and Copy Request Information

In person:  Come to the Clerk of Courts Office and utilize the Public Access computer in the lobby to locate the case file you are requesting.  If you are unable to locate your case number or wish to have Clerk of Court staff locate this for you there a $5 statutory research fee must be paid.  If the case has been scanned, the file can be viewed on the public access terminal and documents purchased from the computer.  The cost of printed documents is $1.25/page.  If the record is NOT scanned you would request the file from our counter staff and we will pull the file for your viewing.  If you require copies, a clerk will make the copies for you at the statutory rate of $1.25/page.  We can certify copies for an additional $5/case number.


By fax or mail:  You may call our office and provide the case number and information you will need.  If you do not provide your case number we must charge a $5 research fee.  We can pull the file and tell you how many pages.  We must charge $1.25/page and if you need certified copies there is a $5/case number fee.  We can then fax to a number provided (Please note: certified copies can not be faxed) or send to you in the required self addressed stamped envelope.  We require pre-payment, prior to sending any information.  If you have any questions please call the Clerk of Courts office at 715-839-4816 option #6.

Records Retention:

Records are stored for various amounts of times per Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule 72.  Please refer to the Retention Brochure for details.

Expunging Court Records: 

 There are specific requirements to have a case expunged.  Please refer to the Expunging Court Records Brochure for details.

Governor's Pardon for Felony Convictions:

Questions:  608-266-1212


Eligibility and Applications:  Governor's Pardon

Common Web sites:

WI Department of Justice
WI Department of Correction (Probation & Parole)
WI Correctional Facilities

Finding an Attorney

Eau Claire County Bar
Legal Explorer

Public Defender & Court Appointed Attorneys

You have the right to an attorney in a criminal matter.  If you can not hire an attorney, you may apply to the state public defender.  You must go to the State Public Defender Office and complete a financial application.

Office of the State Public Defender

21 S. Barstow St-3rd Floor
Eau Claire, WI  54701   
Hours:  8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m.


If you do not qualify for a State Public Defender, you may qualify for a Court Appointed Attorney.  Please complete the Court Appointed Attorney Petition using the instruction sheet. Please note this petition must be notarized; this can be completed in our office. Bring this completed petition with the official denied application from the Public Defender to the Clerk of Courts office. A clerk will process the application and contact you with the judge's decision.

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