EFiling is mandatory for attorneys and large volume filers for all case types handled by the Clerk of Court Office.

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Who does eFiling affect?

All attorneys who file anything in these case types will be required to eFile all cases and documents. 

All high-volume small claims filers (those filing 10 or more cases/year) will be required to eFile all cases/documents.

How do I e-file?

For information regarding eFiling, visit Wisconsin Circuit Court eFiling


General eFiling Information

  • NOTE:  eFiling is not currently available for the following:

    • Non-case specific filings (GF)


    Ultimately, eFiling will be available for all case types in all counties.  The mandatory eFiling rule (Wis. Stat. §801.18) became effective July 1, 2016.   A list of participating counties and upcoming mandatory eFiling implementations can be viewed here.

    Electronic filing permits the judges, parties, and the public (where permissible) to view a case simultaneously and increases the speed and efficiency of case processing.

    Electronically filed documents can be viewed only by the attorneys or parties to the case and will not be available on the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) website.  However, the public can view case documents at the public access terminals located in the Circuit Court offices, as long as it is not a confidential case type or document.

    Each user must log in to his or her own password-protected account in order to upload or view documents, and will only be allowed to upload or view documents in cases that they are involved in.  Anyone, including the general public, has the ability to create a user account on the electronic filing website.  

    eFiling Tips and Troubleshooting

    eFiling saves time, money and eliminates the issues of lost mailings, wrong addresses, last minute rushes to the courthouse, and other issues associated with exchanging filings in paper form.  Another major advantage of the eFiling system is the fact that it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

     You can view your eFiled case at anytime by logging into the eFiling website, select the “My Case” link, and click the case number to view case information.

     You will receive confirmation emails from the Wisconsin eFiling system for the following:

    •  Filing a new case with the court
    •  When your new filing is processed by the courts
    •  Additional documents are filed by you or the other party
    •  A court official signs a court form


    If you encounter any problems related to case management while eFiling contact the appropriate division in the Clerk of Courts for assistance.  If you are having technical errors with the eFiling website review technical requirements here or leave a message for CCAP