Public Safety Through Community Collaboration 

In September 2006, the Eau Claire County Board passed a resolution creating the Eau Claire Criminal Justice Collaborating Council (CJCC).  The primary focus of the CJCC is to enhance public safety in Eau Claire County through community collaboration, coordinated leadership, and innovative criminal justice programs.

The Criminal Justice Collaborating Council provides rehabilitation programs and supports the rights and needs of victims. In addition, the Council is committed to providing the coordinated leadership necessary to establish and foster innovative corrections programs for adult and juvenile offenders.

The Council also develops multi-disciplinary strategies to alleviate jail overcrowding and system improvements while making recommendations to the County Board of Supervisors on how to implement and fund the strategies.

Mission Statement

The principal mission of the Council is to improve the administration of justice and promote public safety through planning, research, education, and system-wide coordination of criminal justice initiatives.

CJCC Membership

The CJCC membership includes 13 elected and appointed leaders in the criminal justice system, as well as three citizen members.  Citizen members are elected to serve two-year terms.  All circuit court judges are members, and except for the Presiding Judge, are non-voting.

CJCC Council Members

  • Presiding Judge for Eau Claire County-Hon. Michael Schumacher
  • County Administrator - Kathryn Schauf
  • County Board Chair - Nick Smiar
  • Sheriff - Ron Cramer
  • Chief of Police - Eau Claire - Matt Rokus
  • District Attorney - Gary King
  • Clerk of Circuit Court -Susan Schaffer
  • State Public Defender - Laurie Osberg
  • Department of Corrections - Mike Felton
  • Department of Human Services -Diane Cable
  • City Attorney - Stephen Nick
  • Committee on Judiciary & Law Enforcement Member - Connie Russell
  • Restorative Justice Coordinator -Tim Wavrunek
  • Citizen Member - Dana Smetana
  • Citizen Member - Dr. Justin Patchin
  • Citizen Member -Vacant

Coordinator - Tiana Glenna

CJCC Executive Board

The Executive Committee is composed of the CJCC Chair, Vice-Chair, County Board Chair and County Administrator.

  • CJCC Chair - Judge Michael Schumacher
  • CJCC Vice-Chair - Gary King
  • County Board Chair - Nick Smiar
  • County Administrator - Kathryn Schauf