Eau Claire County Treatment Courts

Referral Form

All referrals to an Eau Claire County Treatment Court must be made through submission of a Treatment Court Referral Form.

All fields with an asterisk (*) must be completed in order for the submission to be accepted. Note that other incomplete fields may delay a final determination regarding the referral. If all fields are complete, the Treatment Court Triage Team generally will determine the final disposition of a referral (i.e., whether the referred person will be accepted into a treatment court and, if so, which court) within 3-4 weeks of submission.

The WI State ID No. is the number assigned by the State Identification Bureau upon receipt of a criminal fingerprint card. If a COMPAS assessment already has been completed, the WI State ID No. may be found on the results of the assessment (if a COMPAS assessment has not been completed, please do not request one).


Questions and Contact Information

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Brenda Goettl, Treatment Court Supervisor
Phone 715-839-6982




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