Jail Population Review Committee 

The Jail Population Review Committee was formed by County Board resolution in December 2018.

The committee will conduct research and analyze the reasons for, and potential solutions to, the increasing jail population, and how to mitigate overcrowding. The committee will make a recommendation as to whether or when to build out the unfinished 4th pod in the jail.

 Archived Agendas / Minutes
 June 12, 2019  Agenda    
 May 29, 2019  Agenda    Minutes
 May 7, 2019  Agenda    
 April 2, 2019  Agenda    
 March 12, 2019  Agenda    
 February 27, 2019  Agenda  
 February 19, 2019 - Canceled      
 January 29th, 2019  Agenda  Materials
 January 8, 2019  Agenda  Materials