8/24/16        WQOW  TV 18  by:  Kaitlyn Riley
                                Law Enforcement see Meth arrests surpass OWI charges for jail time in Eau Claire

4/28/16        WEAU - TV 13   by: Amanda Tyler
                             County aims to address mental illness in jail

10/7/15         WQOW - TV 18   by: Emma Wheeler
                             Eau Claire County leads the way in new justice practices

8/17/15          WEAU - TV 13  by: Noelle Anderson
                              Eau Claire Meth Response Committee created to address recent drug increase

August 2015  Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA)
                             Evidence Based Decision Making

 8/12/15         WEAU - TV 13 by: Noelle Anderson
                            Eau Claire County nationally recognized for evidence based decision making initiative

 5/31/15         Leader - Telegram by: Eric Lindquist 
                           Unwelcome encore: Meth use on rapid rise in Chippewa Valley, police say

 5/21/15         WEAU - TV 13 by: Amanda Tyler
                            ASSIGNMENT 13: Juvenile Justice

 1/22/15         WEAU - TV 13  by:  Noelle Anderson
                           Eau Claire County keeps offenders from ending up back in criminal system

1/21/15          Criminal Justice Collaborating Council Press Release
                              Pre-Charge Diversion Program Lowers Recidivism while preserving resources 

1/21/15          Leader - Telegram  by:  Christena T. O'Brien
                           Diversion program helping low-risk, first-time offenders

11/17/14        Leader - Telegram  by:  Emily Miels
                          EC County given grant aimed at reducing OWI cases 

11/17/14        WQOW - TV 18
                           'Eau Claire County receives $159K grant to help reduce repeat OWI offenders'

6/19/2012      WEAU - TV 13   
                        'Evidence Based Decision Making'  keeping offenders out of the Eau Claire County jail'

3/18/2012      WQOW - TV 18
                          'Community Transition Center helping convicted felons turn lives around

8/5/2011      Leader-Telegram  by: Jon Swedien   
                         Program focuses on low-risk offenders