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Methamphetamine Response Committee

The Methamphetamine Response Committee was formed in March of 2015 in response to increase in methamphetamine cases in the court system and in the community.  The partnership and collaboration with team members will increase our capacity to effectively address the issues resulting from the increased use of methamphetamine in our community.


#MoreThanMeth Public Service Announcement


The primary goal of the committee is having less methamphetamine use and methamphetamine related crime in our community by focusing our work in three areas:

Community Outreach/Awareness
A collaborative effort to educate the general public on all issues related to methamphetamine and our community. These efforts include, but are not limited to: presentations, the consistent use of social media, and the production of educational materials including video, literature, and other general information related to the use and effects of methamphetamine.  What has the Community Outreach group Media Stories

Court System Response
A collaborative effort of court system actors to immediately identify cases involving methamphetamine. This work includes utilization of bond protocol such as random testing, early intervention AODA services, and the consistent tracking and use of data to inform decisions and case outcomes.

Post Disposition Response
A collaborative effort involving multiple agencies and offices that has a specific focus on the case dispositions of individuals who are involved with methamphetamine. This work includes specific case plans, programs, and services for individuals once court cases have concluded, with goals of appropriate rehabilitation and reduction of recidivism for those involved with methamphetamine.


Team Members

District Attorney
City of Eau Claire Police Department
Eau Claire County Sheriff's Department
West Central Drug Task Force
Department of Corrections
Public Defender's Office
Juvenile Court Intake
CJCC (Criminal Justice Collaborating Council) Manager
Eau Claire City-County Health Department
Community Transition Center
Eau Claire County Dept. of Human Services
Eau Claire County Judiciary