2/10/17    WQOW - TV 18   by: Kaitlyn Riley
                                                    Lawmakers address rise in meth abuse in Wisconsin                    

12/1/16   Leader-Telegram  by: Eric Lindquist
                                            Meth's addictive power spotlighted in community forum

11/30/16   WQOW - TV 18  by:  Emma Wheeler
                                         Eau Claire County's working to end local meth addiction

11/30/16    WEAU - TV 13  by: Amanda Tyler
                                         Forum spreads word of dangers of Methamphetamine

11/17/16   WQOW - TV 18   by: Claire Sarafin
                                             Jail stays in Eau Claire spike for meth related charges.

5/4/16     WEAU - TV 13   by: Noelle Anderson
                                         Meth causing overpopulation in jail

2/11/15     WQOW - TV 18 by: Kaitlyn Riley
                                        Moving From Meth  - parts 1 & 2

12/1/15     Leader-Telegram   by: Christena O'Brien
                                    Local Meth Fight showing results

11/30/15    WQOW - TV 18  by: Kaitlyn Riley
                                       Eau Claire County officials recognize National Meth Awareness Day

11/30/15     WEAU  - TV 13   by: Noelle Anderson
                                       Eau Claire Government officials discuss plan to prevent meth use  -
                                                         Link includes Full Press Conference                                  

11/18/15      WQOW - TV 18   by: Kaitlyn Riley
                                       Eau Claire Police release map of Eau Claire methamphetamine incidents

11/18/15     WEAU - TV 13   by:  Stephanie Olson
                                        Meth-related incidents more prominent 

11/3/15      WEAU - TV 13   by: Duane Wolter
                                        County Raises Awareness of Methamphetamine

11/3/15       WQOW - TV 18   by:  Kaitlyn Riley 
                                      Eau Claire County turning to social media to combat the rise of meth use

8/17/15       WEAU - TV 13   by: Noelle Anderson
                                       Meth Response Committee created to address recent drug increase

5/31/15       Leader Telegram by: Eric Lindquist
                                      Unwelcome Encore: Meth use on Rapid Rise in Chippewa Valley, police say