Gary King 
Gary King
District Attorney (Elected Official)

Peter Rindal

Peter Rindal
Deputy District Attorney (Appointed Official)

Assistant District Attorneys
  • Benjamin Webster
  • Loralee Clark
  • Ellen M. Anderson
  • Kelly Ronquist
  • Crystal Jensen
  • Angela L. Beranek
  • Andrew J. Gunderson
  • Afton B. Lewis
  • Robert Stoiber
Office Manager
  • Eric Huse

Mission Statement / Departmental Purpose

The primary area of responsibility of the District Attorney’s Office is to prosecute individuals for committing misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses in Eau Claire County. In carrying out this responsibility, prosecutors initially review police reports generated in various types of criminal investigations. Prosecutors either file appropriate criminal charges based upon those investigations, request additional follow-up investigation, or determine that criminal charges are not appropriate. Once charges are issued, the District Attorney’s Office is responsible for all aspects of the resulting prosecution including, in many instances, handling post-conviction and appeal matters. 

Another category of cases handled by this office involves juvenile delinquency matters. As with adult criminal cases, this office reviews police reports and determines appropriate prosecutorial action, including filing a delinquency petition or entering into the more informal disposition of a consent decree. A final significant area of responsibility of the District Attorney’s Office is to provide advice and counsel to law enforcement agencies throughout the county. On a regular and continuing basis, law enforcement agencies consult with prosecutors in this office regarding appropriate courses of action in criminal investigations and related matters.