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The Department of Human Services (organized under Wisconsin Statutes 46.23) provides State and Federally mandated human services to the most vulnerable and needy residents of Eau Claire County.  Our services and programs have a direct impact on over 10% of the county's population.  Our programs serve abused and neglected children, adults and children with mental illness, adults and children with developmental disabilities, youth offenders, adults and youth with alcohol and other drug problems, and children, youth and adults in need of residential and institutional care.  We are also the agency responsible for the protection of vulnerable adults and adults at risk.  Our Economic Support Unit administers the Food Share (SNAP) Program, Medical Assistance, Child Care Assistance, Energy Assistance and Badger Care Plus.

Welcome to the website of the Eau Claire County Department of Human Services!  Our goal for this website is to provide current, timely and accurate information about the programs and services of the Department, and to improve the understanding of, and access to, those programs and services.

We are very proud of the services that we provide, and of the fine team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who work here serving the citizens of Eau Claire County. In addition, we have developed an extensive network of contracted service providers who are our partners in our service delivery system.

Your questions, concerns, requests, comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Please feel free to contact the department at (715) 839-2300 or

Diane Cable
Dept. of Human Services Director



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