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Coordinated Services Team (CST) centers decision-making by the family team.  The team supports the child, family, and each other throughout the process.  Both planning and interventions rest on the combined skills and flexible resources of this diversified, committed group of individuals.  The strengths and resources of the child, family, natural supports and providers are the key to selecting interventions and supports most likely to meet the identified needs of the family.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Coordinated Services Team (CST) is to maintain children with multiple needs in a family setting.  The program partners believe that a family setting is the key to a child’s growth and are committed to a working partnership with families and other agencies to achieve this mission.

Testimony of 12 year old boy who’s sibling was involved in the CST program: 

“I want to say something that’s really important about CST. It’s a program that helps people like my sister. She is special needs. They’ve been working with her for the last year and tomorrow will be the last time we meet and that will be the end so almost exactly a year. But, it’s a program that helps my sister. Over the last year I’ve seen an incredible difference in her, and I know she’s never going to be perfect, but she’s close to what she can be. And, well we have these meetings and we talk about the problems that happen with my sister and the people who are important in her life are there, and people like me who usually don’t get a say in what happens with her, do there. It’s hard when, I’ll be honest here, my dad is also special needs a little bit, which can make it hard for things like that to get accomplished. Even when that isn’t happening, CST makes sure that they’ll come by school and make sure I’m heard and my needs are being met. They really don’t work just for the one person like my sister, they work with the entire family. That’s why I think that it’s such an important matter and why I don’t know, but I know my sister really needs it.”  

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