Child Death Review Team

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Child Death Review teams are established throughout the state to identify and prevent child deaths caused by abuse and neglect.  Child Death Review teams provide a forum that ensures relevant information is shared and available to determine why a child has died and better understand all contributing factors.  The multidisciplinary membership of the Child Death Review team facilitates more accurate reporting.  Wisconsin State Statutes Section 48.981(7)(a)(17) allows for the sharing of confidential information with the Eau Claire County recognized Child Death Review team regarding a child death related to abuse and neglect.

The objectives of a child death review team are agreed to be:

•Accurate identification and uniform reporting of the cause, manner, and relevant circumstances of every child death with special emphasis on those features that relate to potential preventability.

•Improved communication and coordination of agency responses to child deaths in the investigation and delivery of services.

•Design and implementation of cooperative, standardized guidelines for the investigation of certain categories of child death.

•Identification of needed changes in legislation, policy and practices, and expanded efforts in child health and safety to prevent child deaths.


Terri Bohl - Eau Claire County DHS 
Sharon Mcllquham - Eau Claire County Corporation Counsel
Denise Wirth - City-County Health Department
Bridget Kinderman - Eau Claire County DHS
Amanda Bagin - Children's Health Alliance
Chad Dachel - Fall Creek Police Department
Beth Draeger - WIC
Justine Hildebrandt - Eau Claire County School District
Lynn Johnson - Deputy Medical Examiner
Pamela Johnson - Mayo Clinic
Michael Mayer - Eau Claire County Sheriff's Department
Marcie Rosas - Medical Examiner
Jon Schultz - Eau Claire Fire and Rescue
Lori Whitis - Chippewa Valley Free Clinic


This team typically meets quarterly (January, April, July, October) in the Eau Claire County Human Services Department.

 October 22, 2019  Agenda Packet  Minutes