Foster Care

Foster Care is a federal and state mandated program that is administered under HFS 56 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. Foster Care is designed to provide temporary placement for children when their parents cannot care for them.

When children must be removed from their home, for their own safety, they are placed in a foster home. Most children are placed due to abuse, neglect or extreme cases of behavioral problems. Foster parents are recruited and trained to proved for the needs of these children, and most of all to nurture them as individuals.

Foster parents work with the Department Social Workers and a wide array of service providers to improve the quality of life for the children in their care. In addition, foster parents assist with the reunification process by partnering with the birth family and extended family members.

Learn more about becoming a foster parent by attending one of our informational meetings or by visiting the State Foster Care website.

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Respite Care 

Respite Care is the short-term provision of care to children through age 17, whose families are in crisis or to foster families who may be called away. The short-term care is provided in the provider's home and is financially reimbursed. Respite Care requires licensure of the provider and the home in this county. Respite Care is not foster Respite. Good communication skills and a genuine interest in the well being of children is required.

For more information about Foster or Respite Care please contact one of our Social Workers:

Sherill Jahr
Phone: (715) 563-4094

Angie Pichler
Phone: (715) 492-1798

Kim Schlais
Phone: (715) 829-4191 

Jody Waletzki
Phone: (715) 492-1581