The Crisis Support Services Team consists of 4 case managers and the Crisis Coordinator. This program assists persons during crisis situations and after.  The Crisis Coordinator provides oversight to the Eau Claire County’s Crisis Program that is DHS 34 certified and also provides mobile assessments to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.  The Crisis Support Services Team case managers provide case management to Eau Claire County residents under Civil Commitments, crisis stabilization, and linkage and follow-up.  Safety and resource connection is primary during any crisis follow up contact. The Crisis Support Services Team also provides mobile back-up to the Eau Claire Crisis Coordinator regarding mental health crisis assessments.  All Crisis Support Services Team members utilize a Recovery based approach and provide education regarding mental health and substance abuse to clients, community organizations, and professionals.

Northwest Connections is Eau Claire County's contracted provider for both telephone and mobile crisis services.  The contact number for Northwest Connections is 888-552-6642.