Drug Court Mission Statement

The mission of the Eau Claire County Drug Court is to increase community safety and restore sober, productive and law abiding citizens to the community by breaking the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction through effective, long-term treatment with intensive court supervision.

  • Help the Drug Court participant break the cycle of chemical dependency and addiction
  • Reduce drug and alcohol related crimes, as well as other unrelated crimes, to increase community safety
  • Ensure the Drug Court participant begins the Drug Court program as soon as possible
  • Offer effective sanctions, rewards, and treatment programming
  • Increase employment stability and assist participants in obtaining an HSED/GED
  • Ensure the Drug Court participant contributes to all Court related costs
  • Increase family stability


The Drug Court meets weekly in Branch I of the Eau Claire County Government Center on Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. Family members are welcome to attend Drug Court.

Drug Court Treatment & Testing

The Eau Claire County Drug Court Program consists of three phases followed by a continuing care phase. The initial three phases are approximately four months long and the continuing care phase is a minimum of six months long. In the beginning of the program, the drug court coordinator will complete a comprehensive AODA assessment on each participant. After the assessment is completed, the Drug Court Team will determine the level and location of each participant's treatment. The Drug Court Team determines when promotion to a higher phase is appropriate.

Drug Court participation involves intensive supervision and random testing to determine compliance with the rules of the Drug Court Program. The frequency of the random tests will be determined by the phase each participant is in and is subject to change based on violations and the recommendation of the Treatment Team.

Drug Court Contact

Dawn Dutter
Drug Court Coordinator
Eau Claire County Department of Human Services
Phone: (715) 839-1526
Fax: (715) 831-5784

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