Mental Health Court Mission Statement

The mission of the Eau Claire County Mental Health Court is to increase safety and restore productive and law abiding citizens to the community by breaking the cycle of criminal behavior through effective, long-term behavioral health treatment with intensive court supervision.

What is Mental Health Court?

The Eau Claire County Mental Health Court Program was developed to improve the response of the Eau Claire County criminal justice system to people with mental illness. The Eau Claire County Mental Health Court diverts from jail to treatment, people with serious mental disorders charged with misdemeanors and non-violent felonies. The court may require participants to comply with community programs for mental health and chemical dependency treatment. The court monitors participant compliance with the court requirements and recommended treatment. The court works to improve a participant’s recovery and reduce his/her involvement in the criminal justice system.

Why Participate?

Participants in Mental Health Court may be able to remain in the community for treatment rather than leaving the community or obtaining treatment in a more restrictive placement. Participants may get a lesser criminal sentence or may not be sentenced to any jail or prison time.

Participants may receive help obtaining services help obtaining services, such as housing, job training, and medical care.

For more details about the Mental Health Court Programs or benefits for participants, contact the Mental Health Court Coordinator or your attorney.

The Eau Claire County Mental Health Court strives to improve public safety by working with people who have mental disorders, who entered the criminal justice system.

Our staff is committed to allocating resources and developing ways to better address the unique needs of persons with serious mental disorders who are charged with criminal offenses.

Elements of Mental Health Court

  • Participation is voluntary
  • Participants have a diagnosed mental illness or co-occurring disorder which has contributed to the situation that resulted in their involvement in the criminal justice system
  • Public safety is a high priority. Participants are carefully screened prior to admission
  • Early intervention is essential, with referral and screening occurring immediately after criminal charges, or as soon thereafter as possible
  • The Mental Health Court staff provides supervision and case management to participants

Mental Health Court Contacts

Janet Weix
Mental Health Court Coordinator
Eau Claire County Department of Human Services
Phone: (715) 839-6513
Fax: (715) 831-5784