GIPAW (Governmental Information Processing Association of Wisconsin) offers the information technology professionals of the State, Counties, Cities, Towns, Villages and Tribes of Wisconsin a forum for the exchange of ideas, concerns and techniques for the enhancements of hardware, software and communication developments as they relate to government activities. In the rapidly changing world of information processing technology, everyone needs help from time to time and GIPAW gives its members a place to seek advice for those issues.

CVHTA (Chippewa Valley High-Tech Alliance) is a group of Chippewa Valley businesses that have rallied together to raise awareness of the many opportunities available in the area for students and professionals in high-tech fields. The companies met for the first time in December to discuss how they could work together to form a coalition to market the area to potential employees and recent graduates of both four-year and two-year programs who have computer programming, IT and related skills.

CINC (Chippewa Valley Internetworking Consortium) is a regional Community Area Network (CAN) formed in 1999 that is committed to “Broadband Serving the Public Interest.” CINC became an Unincorporated Association in 2011 and coordinates regional communication infrastructure projects with city, county and state government, educational institutions, libraries, hospitals, health care, nonprofits, and technology providers to facilitate network creation that is innovative, competitive, and sustainable. Through a coordinated regional communication infrastructure, CINC helps the Chippewa Valley be innovative, competitive, and economically viable for present and future generations.

 WiscNet connects people. We create opportunities for our community to grow collaborations and share strategies. We work together to articulate needs and then we build connections, advance strategies and create services that solve the real-world problems of our members.