Oak Timber SaleThe Eau Claire County Forest comprises approximately 52,000 acres and is a popular area for hunting enthusiasts and wildlife observers. Whitetail deer, bear, woodcock, ruffed grouse, squirrels, rabbits and other game abound. Gated hunter walking/ game trails are mowed and maintained by the Parks and Forest Department to enhance grass and clover openings to benefit both game and non-game species. Hunting is allowed in the county forest, however, no permanent tree stands are allowed and portable tree stands must be removed daily.

 The Eau Claire County Forest was established by the Eau Claire County Board in 1934 and is one of the 29 county forests in Wisconsin. It is managed under Wisconsin Statutes 28.11 for the primary multiple uses of public recreation, wildlife habitat development, and timber production. Public recreation on the forest includes hunting, berry picking, wildlife observation, hiking, fishing and canoeing. The county also sponsors snowmobile and ATV trails on the forest. Camping on the forest is allowed but only between September 16 and April 30. Camping during the other months of the year is allowed only in the two designated campgrounds (Coon Fork and Harstad). Timber sales revenue from the forest are deposited into the county general fund and help to reduce the county tax levy. At just over 52,000 acres the Eau Claire county forest is the 15th largest in the state. The county forest is land set aside for future generations to use.

 Firewood Permits

The firewood sale procedure used in prior years, will not be available from this point on.  During an audit of one of the forest certifications the Eau Claire County Forest holds, firewood sales  were found to be non-compliant with standards.  As a result, Parks & Forest Department can no longer offer standing firewood lots.  Therefore, we will not be compiling a packet and there will be no bid process.

 A few limited permits are available for areas to be "cleaned up" after timber sales have been completed.  Contact Jody or Jake at (715) 839-7277 for more information.