The Department of Planning & Development is responsible for professional development of long-range plans and equitable administration of codes and ordinances developed to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of, and visitors to, Eau Claire County, as well as to preserve our natural resources and environment.  Planning & Development’s primary functions are organized into and performed by the following six divisions:

1.  The Emergency Management Division ensures disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery through planning and coordination among emergency services, county administration, Wisconsin Emergency Management, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

2.  The Geographic Information System (GIS) Division is responsible for the production and improvement of county base maps which include but are not exclusive to the following: tax parcels, 9-1-1 street centerline and addressing, supervisory districts, and zoning.

3.  The Land Conservation Division administers land and water conservation, farmland preservation, and animal waste programs, as well as erosion control and storm water management.

4.  The Land Records Division maintains real property records, establishes and maintains the Public Land Survey System, and files surveys performed by privately-contracted surveyors.

5.  The Land Use Controls Division administers a variety of land use codes including the following: airport, building and construction, floodplain, non-metallic mining, shoreland, subdivision, and zoning codes. 

6.  The Planning Division prepares land use reports, as well as short- and long-term plans, and administers the Recycling Program

Public Hearings

This department advises and reports to a number of county government bodies, including, but not exclusive to, the Eau Claire County Planning & Development Committee and the Board of Land Use Appeals.  Staff members present their recommendations at the public meetings of these bodies. Click on the committee pages to view archived meeting agendas and materials. 

Upcoming Public Hearings

 Date   Committee  Issue  Materials
December 10  Planning & Development  Conditional Use  Myers Holdings LLC 
December 10  Planning & Development  Conditional Use  Caldwell 
December 10  Planning & Development  Conditional Use Kaiser 
December 16  Board of Land Use Appeals  Variance Rehearing  Southside EC Properties 
January 28, 2020  Planning & Development  Rezone  Mauer 
January 28, 2020  Planning & Development  Rezone  Amundson 
January 28, 2020 Planning & Development Rezone  Sommerfeld