Project Updates

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Project Updates:

  • The proposed timeline will be adjusted with Town/Committee/County Board public hearings being extended further in year 2020 due to project process and COVID-19. If there are questions, please contact Jared Grande at 715-839-4743.


*Town Cluster Groups – Urban Cluster Group : Town of Union, Town of Seymour, Town of Washington, Town of Brunswick, and Town of Pleasant Valley / Rural Cluster Group: Town of Lincoln, Town of Drammen, Town of Clear Creek, Town of Otter Creek, Town of Ludington, Town of Bridge Creek, Town of Wilson, and Town of Fairchild


About the Project

Eau Claire County has begun the process of updating its zoning and subdivision ordinances (Title 18).
The zoning ordinance regulates the use and improvement of land in the Towns of Brunswick, Clear Creek, Drammen, Lincoln, Otter Creek, Pleasant Valley, Seymour, Union, and Washington (blue shaded area in map below). The subdivision ordinance regulates the division of land throughout the County. The goals of this process are to make our ordinance consistent with current state laws and legal standards, to consider policy adjustments in response to feedback from stakeholders across the county, and to make it easier for all users to understand and apply the ordinance.

Eau Claire County Code - Title 18



Staff developed a "Code Revision Oversight Committee" composed of nine (9) members, with membership drawn from four (4) subcommittees: Agricultural, Residential, Commercial/Industrial, and Professional. The subcommittees conducted meetings, beginning with a SWOT (Strategies, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, to generate discussions on items within Title 18 that should be considered during the comprehensive zoning update.

Project Timeline

Staff is currently working with the consulting firm, MSA Professional Services, to coordinate date(s) and time(s) for stakeholder meetings. Below is a chart outlining approximate dates related to tasks (Click on image for an expanded view):



Questions can be directed to:
Jared Grande, Land Use Manager