Emergency Management

Eau Claire County Emergency Management is committed to developing an emergency management program that:

  • furthers community resiliency;
  • promotes the protection of lives and property through cooperative efforts with community partners;
  • readily coordinates resources, on-location and on-time.

Emergency Management strives for a “whole community” approach, to lessen the impact of natural or man-made disasters and large-scale emergencies on Eau Claire County citizens.

The Emergency Management division is the county’s source for incident command system (ICS) modeling, operation of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), public education and outreach, and procuring contractual services and equipment for emergency response and preparation.

Most of the time, there are no emergencies happening. During that time, the Emergency Management division creates and updates emergency plans for various businesses, organizations, and government authorities within Eau Claire County. We also strive to keep Eau Claire County prepared by developing and conducting various exercises to stay up-to-date on the latest potential threats and hazards.  Additionally, our office studies how we can best mitigate or successfully overcome any issues associated with potential threats. Lastly, we spend time in public preparedness and education, as we work to educate all citizens of Eau Claire County know how to prepare for, and what to do in, an emergency; as well as who is available to help them when they need assistance.

The key to protecting yourself and your family is knowing what to expect, and what steps are necessary to take during an emergency. Disasters can happen anytime and anyplace. When disaster strikes, you may only have a short time to respond or prepare for the consequences. An accidental release of a hazardous chemical could require you to shelter-in-place or immediately evacuate. Winter storms could confine your family to your home. Flooding or tornadoes could cut off basic community services; things like gas, water, and electricity for days. The impacts of a disaster can be sudden and devastating.

Sometimes, it is simply a matter of knowing what to do or who to contact to keep yourself, your family, and your property safe.  Eau Claire County Emergency Management is here to assist you in reaching that goal.