Siren System - Frequently Asked Questions

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Siren Location / Maps

There are a number of outdoor warning sirens in the Eau Claire County system. The sirens are located throughout the County. As the outdoor component of the warning system, the sirens have an important role as an effective means of alerting people who are outside.

Click on map for larger image     (Photo Credit: Jacob Grabara)

Siren Effective Range

There are a number of factors that affect the range of the siren. First of these is sound output. Very simply, some sirens are designed to be louder than others. A louder siren will have a greater range.

Atmospheric conditions also affect siren range. Wind speed and direction, air stability, and relative humidity all affect the distance that the sound will travel. Your ability to hear the siren will change as these conditions change. It is very possible that from your location, in some cases you will be able to hear the siren, while in other cases, you won’t.

Topography and background noise levels will also affect your ability to hear the sirens. Hills, trees, and buildings can be barriers that block the sound. High background noise levels from highways or industrial areas can mask the sound of the siren. These conditions will effectively limit the warning range of the siren.

Even with these limitations, sirens can be a very affective source of warning, if you are outdoors and within range of the siren.

Siren Testing

Eau Claire County sirens are tested at 11:00 a.m. on the FIRST Monday of each month; unless severe weather is predicted or anticipated that day. If you notice a malfunctioning or damaged siren, please contact (715) 839-4972.