Manure Storage

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“Out of the long list of nature’s gifts to man, none is perhaps so utterly essential to human life as is soil.”
– Hugh Hammond Bennett


Eau Claire County’s Animal Waste Storage Ordinance

Eau Claire County has adopted an ordinance that regulates both animal waste storage facilities and the spreading of the wastes from these facilities.  The purpose of the ordinance is to regulate the location, design, construction, installation, alteration, and use of animal waste storage facilities, and the application of wastes from the facilities in order to prevent water pollution.  

Chapter 17.04 Animal Waste Storage Ordinance

New storage facilities and alterations to existing storage facilities must meet the following standards of the Natural Resource Conservation Service Field Office Technical Guide.  The closure of storage facilities that are no longer in use must also be property abandoned.  Additionally, land applications of animal wastes from storage facilities must meet the 590 Nutrient Management standard of the Field Office Technical Guide. 

313 Waste Storage Facility

634 Waste Transfer

360 Waste Facility Closure

590 Nutrient Management

A permit is required for the construction of a new animal waste storage facility or for the alteration of an existing waste storage facility.  The permit fee is $540.

Application for Animal Waste Storage

A permit is also required for the closure and proper abandonment of an animal waste storage facility.  The permit fee for a facility closure is $220.

Application for Closure of a Storage Facility 

Creating a manure spill response plan?  Visit DNR’s Manure spills, response, planning, and prevention page:


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