No Till Drill Rental

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No Till Drill Rental

No-till farming is a conservation practice that eliminates tillage operations from fieldwork required prior to planting a crop.  No-till planting can provide many benefits to soil health.  It reduces disturbance to the soil structure and keeps residue on top of the soil to armor it from wind and rain.  Once a successful no-till system is established, many farmers note increases in yield and profitability on their farms. 


Eau Claire County owns a 10 foot wide Great Plains No-Till Drill that is available for farmers in Eau Claire County to rent, for a fee.  A signed Rental Agreement and payment for the anticipated acres to be planted is required before the drill can be used.  The drill has three seed boxes to seed a variety of crops, cover crops, pastures, forages, and native grasses.  It is a 15 row unit with 7.5 inch spacing.

Rental Agreement

Small Seed Box Field Guide

Large Seed Box Field Guide


Helpful YouTube Videos:

How to Use the No-Till Drill

Calibrating the Main Seed Box

Calibrating the Native Seed Box