The Land Use Controls Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of building and construction, the shoreland protection overlay district, and the zoning code for the unincorporated areas of Eau Claire County.*  


The division's objective is to promote the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare of the citizens of Eau Claire County, as well as to preserve the natural resources of the county.

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Residential Permits Shoreland Protection
Overlay District
 Airport Zoning
Commercial Permits County Code, Title 20   Board of Land Use Appeals
Agricultural Permits   Conditional Use
Electrical Permits   Land Use Permit
County Code, Title 15     Nonmetallic Mining
    County Code, Title 18


For information about permits that have been issued this year and during the previous year, please see our Issued Permits page.


*To view town-specific requirements and jurisdiction, click on the thumbnail below. Please note that subdivision, shoreland, wetland, and floodplain regulations apply in all townships. The towns of Ludington and Union additionally oversee their own subdivision ordinances. 

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Please plan your projects accordingly, and allow appropriate time for application submission and review, as well as inspection times.

The Department of Planning & Development is allowed 10 business days for the review of complete applications. Applications will be deemed complete when all forms, plans and documents required to process the application, and notification of completion of other local prerequisite permitting requirements have been received by the Planning & Development Department (SPS 320.09(11).

The Planning & Development Department is allowed 2 business days to complete inspections following the day of notification (SPS 320.10(2)(b)3.). The Building Inspector makes all attempts to accommodate requests for same day inspections. Finally, the Planning & Development Department is allowed 5 business days to complete a final inspection following the day of notification (SPS 320.10(3)(h)2.).