Residential Building Permits

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When do I need a Residential Building Permit:
What do I need to submit for a Residential Building(UDC) Permit?
Required Plans

Things to keep in mind:

The site selection is governed by the Floodplain Code, Shoreland/Wetland Code, Comprehensive Zoning Code, and the soil criteria for a sewage disposal system.  Check the information for your site!  Some examples of site considerations follow:

  • Consideration of the terrain can reduce footing, foundation, and grading costs while enhancing views and improving basement utilization.
  • Building with a very shallow basement on a site with soil moisture problems can reduce or eliminate those moisture problems.
  • Orienting the dwelling on the property correctly can take advantage of passive solar heat.
  • Building with erosion control in mind can reduce site repair work caused by storms.
  • Professional assistance or computer design software can help you add value and enjoyment to your completed building project.