Conditional Use Permits & Land Use Permits

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Land Use Permits

Where do I need a Land Use Permit?

This permit is required in the following locations:

  • Zoned townships, airport zones, floodplain districts, and shoreland/wetland districts.

Permitting Authority 

When do I need a Land Use Permit?

This permit is required for building the following:

  • New structures; additions, modifications, or structural alterations to existing buildings or structures.
  • Accessory structures as authorized for each of the zoning districts. 

Land Use Permit Application & Checklist 

Setback Requirements by Zoning District

Conditional Use Permits 

When do I need a Conditional Use Permit?

Conditional use permits are required for land uses to which special conditions are attached to protect the public interest. These permits are granted by the Eau Claire County Planning & Development Committee following a public hearing which gathers information from all interested parties and staff.


  1. Schedule an appointment to submit a completed application to the Land Use Controls Division by noon, three weeks prior to the Planning & Development Committee public hearing. A checklist of required actions is included in the application. 
  2. Land Use Controls staff review the application and submit a staff report/recommendation to the relevant Town Board and the Planning & Development Committee.
  3. Property owners within 660' of the property on which the use will be located are notified of the public hearing. A notice of the hearing is published before the scheduled meeting.
  4. Attend the Town Board meeting of the town where the property (to which the conditional use would be attached) is located. This meeting is a public hearing which considers approval or denial with recommended conditions. The Town Board has an advisory role and suggests their preferred action on the application to Planning & Development Committee. 
  5. Attend the Planning & Development Committee public hearing, where a Land Use Controls staff member delivers a formal report on the application. The committee members reflect on the town board and staff member recommendations, as well as any testimony from the public, before voting on a motion to approve or deny the permit. 
  6. A notification letter of approval/denial is sent to the applicant and property owners within 660' of the property.  Any party who disagrees with, or is aggrieved by, the decision may appeal. Contact the Planning & Development office for information about the appeals process (715-839-4741). 

Conditional Use Permit Application Form
Committee Meeting Dates