Nonmetallic Mining Information

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The Nonmetallic Mining program seeks to rehabilitate mining land while also recognizing the importance of the mining industry to the county's economic and social well-being.  By administering and enforcing an impartial set of standards and regulations, the program promotes the successful reclamation of operational sites to purposeful use and acceptable landscape appearance.

Permit Application Process

Towns with county zoning administration:

  1. If mining operations will cover more than 10 acres (over the life of the mine), the property must first be rezoned to the Nonmetallic Mining Overlay District (see Rezoning page for more information on the process). Operations less than 10 acres do not need to be rezoned. 
  2. Submit conditional use, reclamation, and storm water & erosion control permit applications to Planning & Development staff (see table below for application materials). 
  3. Attend the Planning & Development Committee public hearing, where the applications are considered for approval or denial.

Towns without county zoning administration (Bridge Creek, Fairchild, Ludington and Wilson):

  1. Submit a reclamation permit application and a storm water & erosion control permit application to Planning & Development staff.
  2. If required, attend the public hearing where the Planning & Development Committee considers the reclamation permit for approval. 

County Code Regulations

17.05                     Stormwater Management and Erosion Control 
18.21                     Conditional Uses
18.28                     Mining
18.34                     Nonmetallic Mining Overlay District
18.91-18.97           Nonmetallic Mining Reclamation

Application Materials

Applications Other Materials 
Conditional Use Application (printable / fillable) Fee Schedule
Land Use Permit Application (printable / fillable) Process for Reclamation Plan Review 
Nonmetallic Mining Reclamation Application (printable / fillable) Nonmetallic Mining Reclamation Checklist 
Rezone Application (printable / fillable) Eau Claire County NM Rezone Flowchart
Stormwater & Erosion Control Permit Application   


Reference Materials

Regulatory Links

DNR Reclamation Manual  Eau Claire County Code
Frac Sand Mining Fact Sheet     See: Titles 17.05,18.21, 18.28, 18.34, 18.91-18.97
Eau Claire County Moratorium 
Silica Sand Mining Policy   
Department Recommendations  DNR Nonmetallic Mining Homepage  
Eau Claire City/County Health Dept.
Final Report to County Board 3/23/12
Wisconsin Statute (Admin. Rule NR 135) 


Local, State, & Federal Contacts


Eau Claire County and West-Central Wisconsin Maps

 Zoning  Generalized Groundwater  Bedrock Geology  Permitted Frac Sand Operations


Pending Applications


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Permits Issued

 Hi-Crush in Town of Bridge Creek (Frac Sand operation)
Application Materials
Public Hearing Notice Reclamation Plan Narrative Site Borings Map
Anticipated Volumes Info
Nonmetallic Mining 
Reclamation Permit

Amended Permit
(August 16, 2016)

Amended Permit Application Materials
(April 13, 2016)

Annual Reports
2014   2015  2016


High Country Sand in Town of Otter Creek (Frac Sand Operation)
Public Hearing Notice
 Reclamation Plan Narrative Conditional Use Permit  Reclamation Permit 
 Annual Reports
 2013  2014


Five Star Properties in the Town of Bridge Creek (Frac Sand Operation)
Public Meeting Materials
Notice Informational Meeting Statement 12.11.12 Meeting Power Point Presentation Review Letter from 3rd Party Engineer
(Cedar Corporation)
Application Materials
Reclamation Permit
Reclamation Plan Narrative Amended 12.4.12 - Part 1 Amended 12.4.12 - Part 2 Amended 12.4.12 - Plans
Annual Reports
2013  2014 2016
2017 Well Report    2018


 Menards Reclamation Plan  
 Public Hearing Materials
    Nonmetallic Mining Permit Permit   
 Public Hearing Notice  Nonmetallic Mining Permit Application  Rezone Application Conditional Use Application 
 Application Materials
 Reclamation Plan Memorandum 1 Memorandum 2 Menards Field Documents  Well Boring Log 
Well Boring Photos 
U.S. Silica in the Town of Fairchild
Public Hearing Information 

Nonmetallic Mining Reclamation Permit 

Public Notice  Reclamation Power Point Presentation (Prepared by Planning Department Staff) - June 2, 2015 
Final Application Materials
Sections 1-12
1: Table of Contents and Introduction 7: Post-Mining Land Use 
2: Site Information 8: Reclamation Measures
3: Geologic Composition and Depth of Mineral Deposit 9: Criteria for Successful Reclamation 
4: Surface Waters and Site Drainage
10: Final Site Actions
5: Biological Information
11: Financial Assurance 
6: Aerial Extent and Phasing of Operations  12: References
A - Reclamation Plan Checklist G2 - Water Analytical Summary Table
B - Parcels Within 660 feet of the Site  H - Groundwater Model Technical Memo 
C - Soil Boring and Monitoring Wells Info  I - Wetland Delineation Report 
D - Wisconsin Historical Society J - Central Sand Plains Species of Conservation Need 
E - Fairchild Site Soil Information  K - Lake Reclamation Technical Memo 
F - Pump Test Technical Memo  L - Plant and Mine Water Management Phasing
G - Water Monitoring Plan  M - Ag. and Prairie Reclamation Technical Memo