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Permitted uses are established for each zoning district. The owner may seek to change the zone designated on the official zoning map to allow a use that is currently not permitted on their property.  The zoning map amendment or rezoning is an amendment of the zoning code.  The requested zone change may not be granted if it does not fit with the comprehensive plan and community goals for the area. The application/hearing fees cover the costs associated with preparing staff reports and are not refundable.  The rezone request may well be denied.


  1. Schedule an appointment to discuss potential rezoning with the Senior Planner well in advance of submitting an application.
  2. Submit a completed application to the Planning Division at least three weeks prior to the Planning & Development Committee public hearing. A checklist of required actions and items is included in the application. 
  1. The Senior Planner reviews the application and submits a staff report/recommendation to the relevant Town Board and the Planning & Development Committee.
  2. Property owners within 660' of the property on which the use will be located are notified by mail of the public hearing. A notice of the hearing is published in the local newspaper before the scheduled meeting.
  3. Attend the Town Board meeting of the town where the applicant property is located. This meeting is a public hearing which considers approval or denial. The Town Board has an advisory role and suggests their preferred action on the application to the County Planning & Development Committee. 
  4. Attend the Planning & Development Committee public hearing, where the Senior Planner delivers a formal report on the application. The committee members consider the town board and staff member recommendations, as well as any testimony from the public, before voting on a motion to approve or deny the permit. 
  5. Following the hearing, the Planning & Development Committee makes a recommendation to the County Board of Supervisors to either grant or deny the request for rezoning.
  6. The County Board considers the rezoning application and either approves, denies, or requests further review of the requested rezoning.  If the County Board approves the amendment, and the town board filed an objection to the request, the town board then has 45 days to veto the request.
  7. If the rezone is approved, a notification letter of approval/denial is sent to the applicant and property owners within 660' of the property. 
  8. The final step is publication of the amendment in the paper after approval by the County Board.  Only then does the zone change take effect.  This process could take two months or more to complete depending upon the scheduling of hearing dates.
  9. Please note: In most cases, a Certified Survey Map (CSM), prepared by a license Wisconsin surveyor, is required to be submitted, reviewed, and recorded with the County Register of Deeds.