ECSO Performance Management

Throughout the past decade demands and costs for county services have been increasing at the same time that revenues have been constrained resulting in sizeable funding gaps during annual county budget processes.  The budget gaps have been further exacerbated by the current economic conditions.  Concurrently, the annual county budget process began to move in a direction more focused on programs than line items. The process of identifying and delineating programs within departments required an analysis of the underlying legislation and goals that formed the basis for establishing the program.  As departments focused attention to programs, the analysis led naturally to the identification of resources required to provide the program or service and then directly to a review of the basic work processes and the goods or services produced through the program or service. 

Changing the focus of the budget process from line items to programs and services also required additional analytical and decision making tools for staff, department managers, and the county board in order to better manage the budget process.  One of the tools available to assist in program analysis and management not only during the annual budget process but also from an accountability perspective is performance measurement or performance management. 

In 2001 a performance management work group was established to review the literature, research and practical applications of performance measurement, performance management and performance budgeting that was available from all sources, determine if the concepts were applicable to Eau Claire County and if so, develop a performance management model for Eau Claire County.

As a result of the performance management work group’s research and analysis of available sources, the Eau Claire County Performance Management Program was established.  The county’s model has been developed internally based on the research and practical applications in other jurisdictions; it is not direct copy of a model from another county or city.  Rather, the performance management program has been developed to fit Eau Claire County.  The program is anchored on the concept that measuring program performance and utilizing program performance results is a key tool to assist staff in managing programs and to assist elected officials in public policy decision making and accountability. 

The performance management program has evolved from piloting a few county programs to the inclusion of all county programs into the performance management model.  Since 2009, the Eau Claire County Finance & Budget Committee has required the submission of performance results for all programs with annual department budget requests.  Program performance results are also included in annual department reports submitted to the County Board.   

The Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office maintains data on all it’s programs and can be found at this link: 
2016 Performance Management