Sheriff's Badge

Special Events and Parade Permit



All processions, parades, foot races, walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, bike races or any other activity occupying or marching in any highway, bikeway or public place in the county,  except funerals, are forbidden unless a written permit  is first obtained from the Sheriff and is in full force and effect at the time of the occupation or marching.  A copy of the application form can be found at this link:  (Application Form)

The application for the permit must be made to the Eau Claire County Sheriff no less than thirty days before the event is scheduled to begin. The application for the event must include a Certificate of Insurance in which Eau Claire County shall be named as an additional insured.  The coverage must be $100,000 per person and $250,000 aggregate for Bodily Injury, and $250,000 Property Damage or a single limit policy of $500,000 governing the entire period of the permit, and a current route plan. The permit application fee is $100.00 for each event and $100.00 for each additional location in a check made payable to the Eau Claire County Treasurer. This fee must accompany the application.